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Gideon Lo’s Ukulele Pack 2 Video Lessons

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*Take note unlike the Ukulele Pack 1, this Pack is fully in Mandarin with English Subtitles for Lesson 8 (teaching a famous Jay Chou song) only!

Gideon Lo’s 乌克丽丽 Ukulele Pack 2


  1. Intermediate Blues Song – Learning more Dominant 7 Chords (中级蓝调歌曲- – 学习更多主导7和弦)
  2. Intermediate Blues Song – Learning 6th Chords (中级蓝调歌曲 – 学习第六和弦)
  3. Intermediate Blues Song – Chromatic Movement, Putting All The Chords Together (中级蓝调歌曲- – 学Chromatic举动, 全部的和弦一起弹)
  4. Intermediate Blues Song – Learning the Rhythm (中级蓝调歌曲- 学习同一首歌曲的节奏)
  5. Music Theory and An Original Tune from a major scale(乐理和从大调创作一首曲子)
  6. Learning movable major scales (学习能移动的大调scales)
  7. Learning movable minor scales (学习能移动的小调scales)
  8. Learning a new chinese pop song with barre chords (学习同一首歌曲的节奏)
  9. Learning more techniques with the same song (用同一首歌曲学习更多的技巧)
  10. Revision / Recap of Pack 2 (复习包装2)

You would be able to download all TEN video lessons upon purchasing this Pack !

Extra Note: You can download every SINGLE video up to TWELVE times on different devices !!


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