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Music & Lyrics: Gideon Lo XinSheng

Verse 1:
Have you been through sleepless nights?
Just can’t tell the wrong from right?
Helpless with all the hurt you feel inside

One thing you feel from deep within
This pain is real, it tells no lies
You start to doubt, thinking God ain’t that nice

“Where is God when it hurts the most ?”, you start questioning.
Your mind’s been reasoning,
Your heart’s almost freezing

Just right then you heard a gentle voice whispering

“I’m right here even when it hurts”

Verse 2:
When someone you loved passed on
It feels like you can’t move on
Even comforting words, they don’t sound right

When a situation’s rising
Tsunami, earthquake, people’re dying
It takes some faith to trust God when everything’s crumbling

Chorus x1

When God came as a man He endured pain,
rejection, betrayal, arrogant disdain

He can sympathize with affliction,
His grace is all sufficient’
Yes, He feels all the hurt there can be
On this shorter side of eternity

Last Chorus:

“Where is God when it hurts the most?”
I have stopped questioning.
As I am listening, my heart starts burning
Yes right now, I hear a gentle voice whispering:
“I’m right here even when it hurts.”

“I’m right here even when it hurts”