Gideon Lo – Ten


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Verse 1


It’s been more than 10 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes

Since the last message I sent you on whatsApp

What should I sAy?

“Hey how’s your dAy?”

That’s just not my wAy!


Verse 2


My way is to find a pianO

Write a song to let you knOw

That what I wanna say was more than just HallO!

Gotta let you knOw

I’d like to spend ten to the power of ten years with yOu !




Yes this song is for yOu

Though maybe you never knEw

Beneath these lines are hiddEn messages for yOu

The number TEN is just one of ThEM

That’s how special you are to me


For this song to make SENSe

You’d need a decoding LENS

You’d see my heart & know this ain’t just rhyme nor preTENse

Eternity came from Daddy~

And I’m glad He sent you at the perfect time

Oh Perfect TEN 🙂