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A Good Testimony of Love

*Kat Kerr’s earthly father was a good example of love for her. He was like a best friend to Kat. He would cry when he had to spank any of his 15 children. Even when they were not wealthy financially back then he would take food from their stoves and give to people on the streets.
When nasty people who try to make fun of him, “beat him up” with words and insult him..saying “why would God use you, you only have a tenth grade education, you don’t even have a seminary certificate,  now who do you think you are?” And he (Kat’s father) replies “ I think I love you, and I am going to bless you and your family =)” and he continues “you know what, I’m gonna get you a cup of coffee, there are some fresh donut stores nearby..would you wanna pick one?“
Nasty guy would look at him like “I don’t think you heard me!”
Kat’s father replies “I heard God says He loves you. Do you know He made you wonderfully and marvelously? He has great plans for you!”
Nasty guy replies “You are stupid, you are an idiot, look at you pathetic, God will not use someone like you”
Kat’s father replies “God doesn’t judge according to man’s standards, He wants your heart..and I know you have one in there somewhere :D”
In the end he won over all of his enemies, because no matter how they try to “beat him up” all he does is genuinely loving them, praying for them and blessing them in return.
God is love & love always wins =)
It is actually our choice isn’t it? We can choose to change our lives dramatically by choosing to love in every situation just like how we choose life instead of death..may we live out the reality of 1 Corinthians 13 daily =)
Here is a song about love for your enjoyment
(p.s. Do you know in the spiritual realm you terrify demons when you genuinely love in such a way? =))
*Kat Kerr – A sister whom the Lord has used greatly in recent years in literally revealing heaven. She is the 4th or even 5th generation in a family of faithful ministers and servants of God and is obviously deeply in love with our triune God herself =)
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