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Music & Lyrics: Gideon Lo XinSheng

This morning I woke up in the middle of nowhere
Saw fishes swimming, brought my lil coz for kayak-ing
Came back for breakfast, watched my daddy fishing
Picked up a guitar & got this song going:

People we must keep fighting, we’ll keep pressing on, living life to the fullest yea~
People we must keep loving, we’ll keep moving on, living life as we should yea~

A man’s glory is never about him never failing, it’s never failing to rise whenever he falls
Life’s greatest battle is the one we fight daily, in the silent enclosure of our souls

Chorus x 1

(Last Chorus)
People we must keep fighting, no matter how tough it gets, we must never ever forget
People we must keep loving, no matter how rough it gets, we should never ever forget:
Living life to the fullest~