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Title: Thank You 谢谢你Music : Gideon Lo XinSheng
Lyrics: Soh Chun Wee
Full Lyrics in Both Languages:


难过失落的午夜 你在我身边

In my toughest times, you were by my side

照亮黑暗的大街 陪我看玄月

Brightened my dark path, walked me through the night

当我放弃全世界 有你的出现

When I was giving up on my world, you appeared

拉着我过每一天 不曾有抱怨

Without murmuring, you carried me through each day


哦谢谢你 不弃不离

Oh thank you, you stood by my side

拥我在你怀里 从不选择逃避

You held me in your hands, you ain’t letting go

哦谢谢你 爱我的你

Oh thank you, for loving me

让我握你手心 从此将你抱紧

Now I’m holding on firmly, I ain’t letting go


Let me love you