Gideon Lo – Nostalgic Romance (遗失的怀念)


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Music : Gideon Lo XinSheng
Lyrics: Soh Chun Wee / Gideon Lo XinShengFull Lyrics in Both Languages:电影院 反播古来影片
Theatres are showing the retro films
又再见 回想起那爱恋
Unwittingly, our paths crossed again
那么甜 过去曾经画面
Those days were sweet & beautiful
想重演 但一切已变迁, 改变
Rekindling the fire tho’ we have both changed
期盼曾经有的爱, 以为从未减
Hoping that the feelings we had as kids remained
其实那是我一相情愿 的依恋
Actually that was wishful thinking on my part

能不能 让一切倒流时间
Can we please turn back time?
回到那从前 你还爱着我那瞬间
Return to that brief moment when love was present
你是否 曾想过我一些些
Have you ever thought of me at all?
在你心里面 还有没有我的出现
Do I still exist in your heart?