Gideon Lo – 爸妈的歌 Dad & Mum’s Song (Acoustic Version 2018)


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Featuring Jerubbaal Custom-Made Acoustic Guitar
词曲 :罗新声
Music & Lyrics : Gideon Lo XinSheng
Verse 1 Since I was a little boy, whatever toy I wished for
In my puny mind I’d be wondering if my parents would say ok?
When I wanted to learn Taekwondo, Dad & Mum starts to preach
Preaching goes on until the rooster crows, still their answer would be no!
(Chorus) I wanna write this song since long time ago
Just to say and to sing of my gratitude to my folks
Dad & Mum’s discipline was truly effective
Their strictness on me was indeed beneficial for me
Always wanted to write this Dad & Mum’s Song
Just to say and to sing of my gratitude to my folks
My folk’s nagging wasn’t just old fashion
Being good boy was truly for my own good.
Verse 2 (Rap) All through Year End Holidays
Let’s bunk in at a Friend’s Place
But daddy says no good, stay home for your own good
They say “Ai-yo why are you listening, to your parent’s nagging?”
Though frustrated, feeling castrated it’s better than being un-fi-li-al!
(Chorus x2)
Outro: Since I was a little boy…
Verse 1
从小我就知道, 若心中有喜好
脑海唯一的问号, 是否爸妈会说好
当我想学抬拳道, 得听爸妈一遍道
听道听到公鸡叫, 最终还是”不可以了”复歌:
说一说, 唱一唱, 爸妈对我养育之恩
说一说, 唱一唱, 爸妈对我养育之恩
爸妈所有唠叨, 原来不全都是老套
做乖乖男孩,果然是为了我好!Verse 2 (Rap)
但爸妈说这样不行, 还是回家睡比较好
他们说听爸妈唠叨, 哎哟真是老套!
虽无奈, 让同学们笑, 总好过被称为不孝!(复歌 x2)