Music Therapy In Medicine Field

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According to Atrash-Jucan, in order to successfully incorporate music therapy as a psycho-therapeutic treatment method, it is essential to associate the nature of the character and personality of the patient/client with the genre, style or type of music; linking directly or indirectly with the message that has to be conveyed simultaneously at the same time.

(Atrash-Jucan & Vasiliu, 2012)

Furthermore, with regards to the choice of music therapy as a tool for the rehabilitation and education of disabled students, we would have to consider both aspects of “psycho-musical” and purely psychological approaches. – Especially while performing a “psycho-musical” approach we could further elaborate whether this approach is a receptive / passive or active form. A typical example of receptive / passive form is music listening session (be it playing music through a laptop, CD player or with a music therapist playing an instrument live). Active psycho-musical approaches often includes involving the client with special needs to play an instrument of choice alone, as accompaniment and/or together in a group. (Atrash-Jucan & Vasiliu, 2012)

Through my personal experience, it could also be through forms of music lessons, having the client learn how to play an instrument or teaching the student to sing. However it is important to take note that unlike standard/typical music lessons, in music therapy, music is not the ultimate goal but rather the process of achieving the therapeutic goals.

It is an undisputed agreement among experts of this field that music therapy can be applied to all 3 essential areas namely medicine, behaviouristic psychotherapy and support therapy. (Atrash-Jucan & Vasiliu, 2012)

Music therapy in Medicine Field

For the medicine field, Atrash-Jucan gave an example of music therapy supporting psychiatric treatment of severe neuroses as well as psychoses, making it possible for the therapist or doctor to build an emotional relationship with clients effectively through music. Music therapy (especially in its receptive form) applies to many other areas of the medicine field including “psychiatry, neurology, odontostomatology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, reanimation and intensive therapy.” (Atrash-Jucan & Vasiliu, 2012, Pg 34)

The main objectives of music therapy in the medicine field is to:

1. Preventing and fighting stress
2. Inducing sleep and awakening
3. Treating neurological diseases
4. Treating psychological conditions 5. Eliminating or alleviating pain
6. Treating psychological symptoms ”

(Atrash-Jucan & Vasiliu, 2012, Pg 34)


Atrash-Jucan, A., & Vasiliu, L. (2012). Music therapy, a tool for the rehabilitation and education of disabled students. Methods and Techniques. In Latest Advances in Acoustics and Music (pp. 34- 38). WSEAS Press.






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