Music Therapy In Medicine Field

*For Full Article, Go to Free Material Tab to Download for FREE*   According to Atrash-Jucan, in order to successfully incorporate music therapy as a psycho-therapeutic treatment method, it is essential to associate the nature of the character and personality of the patient/client with the genre, style or type of music; linking directly or indirectly […]

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Music therapy in Behaviouristic Psychotherapy

For the field of behaviouristic psychotherapy, Atrash-Jucan highlighted that music therapy creates a favorable environment for behaviouristic psycho-therapeutic treatments mainly with its non-verbal communicative and emotional nature plus its ability in promoting relaxation and calmness. According to Atrash-Jucan, the communicative factor of music is known to be especially successful among autistic clients, leading them to […]

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A Good Testimony of Love

*Kat Kerr’s earthly father was a good example of love for her. He was like a best friend to Kat. He would cry when he had to spank any of his 15 children. Even when they were not wealthy financially back then he would take food from their stoves and give to people on the […]

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Manning e-Shop 2015 launch

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